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IUSD Dress Code

All students should at all times be neat, clean and appropriately dressed when at school.  By adhering to the following IUSD dress code, students will ensure that they are perceived as assets to their school and community.
  1. Undergarments are not to show.  No see-through, net or revealing clothing is appropriate.  Halter or tube tops can be worn only with another shirt over it.  Straps on shirts need to be AT LEAST two fingers wide. 
  2. Shorts/pants are to be worn at the waist.  Girls, are your shorts long enough?  Put your hands to your sides.  Your shorts should at least meet the ends of your fingertips!  
  3. Head scarves, bandannas, sweat bands, hair rollers, OR combs/rakes are not to be worn at school.
  4. Sunglasses are for outside use only, unless prescribed by a doctor and cleared through administration.
  5. Items which advertise, display or represent items such as: alcoholic beverages, obscenities, sex or disloyalty to our country are not to be worn to school or any school event.
  6. Any clothing style, button, insignia or paraphernalia which indicates gang affiliation or drug use will NOT be tolerated.
  7. All apparel worn to school or school activities must be in good repair and of the proper size and length.