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Counseling Staff

Counseling Staff

Stephanie Castillo (A-Ga)
Fernanda Mass (Ge-N)
Stacy Hauck (O-Z)
Yvonne Salgado (Intervention Counselor)
Jessica Marini, Counseling Clerk
760-355-3220 ext. 2491


The counseling office offers a plethora of information on scholarships, con-current enrollment at Imperial Valley College (IVC), colleges, financial aid and general/specific information regarding educational planning.
The counselors schedule classes, evaluate transcripts, and meet with students and their parents as needed or requested. To make an appointment, you may call 355-3220. Students are to make appointments before/after school or during lunch.
Report Cards

Report Cards

Report cards are mailed to the student’s home at the end of each quarter, which is approximately nine (9) weeks long. You will not receive your report card until ALL debts and detentions are cleared through the main office and/or the library.
Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance

If individual students need assistance with course work, services are available. Teachers are often available to provide extra help with assignments and/or re-teaching of concepts to students as needed. This assistance can be scheduled with the individual teacher. The

Homework Center is always available after school. Imperial Valley Community College (IVC) also provides programs such as Upward Bound and Talent Search at IHS for those students who qualify. Contact the Counseling office for information regarding these programs.