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Attendance Policy and Procedures

State law requires that every student attend school! It is very important for a student to come to school regularly and arrive on time so as to achieve the utmost success in school. Learning is reduced and grades drop when absences increase. School work / assignments are to be made up as mandated by the teacher. Students who are not in attendance due to suspensions may not earn a grade nor be able to make up work/assignments which were given during the time of the suspension.
Achievement is NOT enough! In order for a student to receive the full five credits in each course, students shall miss no more than 15 days in a given course per semester.When a student is absent 15 or more days from any course in a semester, he / she will only earn 2.5 credits for the course – no matter what grade you earned and no matter why you were absent.


A tardy is defined as up to 10 minutes late to class. Three tardies equals one absence. All students will be in their classrooms and ready to work before the last bell rings. Students will not be allowed into the classroom without the proper notice from an administrator, teacher or attendance personnel. Students who are tardy will report to attendance to obtain the appropriate pass to get back into the classroom. Students will receive one (1) hour of detention after three (3) tardies. Tardies are cumulative until the end of the semester. Continued tardiness is considered defiant behavior and will be dealt with as such.
What to Do If You Are Absent

What to Do If You Are Absent

Note / Call

To be excused from attending classes, a parent or guardian shall call the attendance office the day of the absence, any time after 7:00 a.m. If a telephone call is not received, the parent or guardian shall write an excuse to be brought along with the student on the day he/she returns to school.
The note shall include the following:
  1. Dates or periods the student was absent
  2. Reason for absence
  3. Signature of parent or guardian
If a student is absent more than three (3) consecutive days, a doctor’s excuse may be required. 
Valid Excuses:

Valid Excuses:

  • Illness or injury
  • Funeral (immediate family) - in state one day, out of state three days
  • Medical or dental appointments – bring a note from the doctor
  • Quarantine due to contagious disease or infection
  • Official school business 
Unacceptable excuses:

Unacceptable excuses:

  • Babysitting
  • Family vacations 
  • Being out-of-town